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Our Oakland Zoo Review

It’s no secret that I’m an animal lover. So it makes sense why I absolutely love zoos. In 2010 when Ryleigh was just 2 years old, we were fortunate in that one of the elephants at the Oklahoma Zoo had a baby. I remember Ryleigh’s first trip to the zoo (seen in photo below) there to see the new baby elephant. It’s because of that moment, she fell in love with those gentle giants.

Our house is elephant crazy. Ryleigh’s room is decorated in elephants. She can’t get enough which is why we jumped at the chance to Ryleigh and her cousin to the Oakland Zoo.


We visited the Oakland Zoo.. It was busy but not overly packed with families. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to the zoo was because of their elephant sanctuary. The zoo keepers refrain from actually contacting the animals allowing them to really be elephants without using prods or sticks to direct them. I’ve read that elephants are extremely intelligent, but it was only after learning about the Oakland Zoo’s research that I really understood. Their elephants have been taught to communicate with the keepers and can respond to questions when asked by selecting tiles that are associated with words with their trunks. It’s very impressive.

Aside from the elephants, we also enjoyed their children’s zoo and center. They had a nice petting zoo and insect section as well as fun statues and equipment for the kids to get wild and crazy including the web you see below.


I’ve made it a personal mission to avoid amusement parks and fairs with Ryleigh. Those things terrify me as children are quick as lightening and I’m worried that I’ll loose her in a crowd. Our favorite part of the Oakland Zoo was their small amusement area where children can enjoy rides including roller coasters and a carousel. We watched Ryleigh experience her first roller coaster ride with her cousin. I even shot a vine video of the occasion.


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