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Life Lessons

Underestimated is How I Like to Be

If you ever wanted to light a fire under my ass to get something done all you have to do is underestimate me.

I like to be underestimated because I have something to fight for to prove to you and also myself. I like being the underdog because I can break the rules or completely ignore them. Most importantly you will never see me coming.

The problem is when you have proven yourself or gained a certain amount of visibility you can’t be underestimated any longer. People expect something from you. Maybe it’s a certain amount of quality, your product, your productivity or hard work. Maybe it’s all of the above. The once underestimated becomes the person others compete against. You make each other better for it, but there are these things like expectations, pressure and stress. These are things you didn’t have to deal with when you were invisible underdog who took risks and made moves without regret. Risking it all becomes more of a challenge. Everyone is watching or at least you believe they are. You now have a reputation, an expectation and you can either do nothing, fail or exceed your goal or other expectations. Might I suggest that you have another option which is a fourth one.

That fourth option is none of the above. You don’t give a shit about what anyone thinks about you. You do what you want and how you want to do it and quit worrying about those expectations of what people might be thinking of you or saying about you good, bad or indifferent. Just do what you do and know is true. You are the only person you should be considering.

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