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Easy Yet Delicious Plum Jam Recipe

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One of the things about living in a new house in California is the surprises that your yard brings. We have a number of trees and bushes here that are fruit bearing. Every new bloom is a tasty surprise in the making. A couple weeks ago, I realized that we had fruits on one of our front yard trees. I took to Instagram and Facebook to ask my friends exactly what this fruit might be.

 2014-05-30 15.37.57

The consensus was a plum which my neighbors later confirmed. It is a Santa Rosa plum tree to be exact and apparently, it’s quite famous on our little cul de sac. Having never made plum jam I spent last weekend with my daughter and hubby pitting plums, cooking and creating.

We made two different canned items from the plums from our front yard tree: 1) Plum jam and 2) Plum chutney. I’ve included the recipe for the plum jam below. The plum chutney recipe will be posted at a later date. I use a pressure cooker in my canning. Once you get the hang of it is so easy. Before I share my recipes, here is a helpful video I recommend the explains how to seal and sanitize your canning jars with a pressure cooker.

Plum Jam Recipe

This recipe came to me from my friend Jen who was the first to identify my plum tree from the photo above. I am a fan of simple cooking and ingredients making cooking fun and easy. *Note: I made a small addition to her recipe and added 3 teaspoons of vanilla as well as mint I had from the garden which I sprinkled on the top of the jam just before sealing the lid.

6.5 lbs of plums

2 lbs sugar

2/3 cups rum

3 teaspoons of vanilla

chopped mint

Pit and half them and get rid of flaws…if you leave bruised pieces in, it will be bitter.

Add sugar and rum and toss until they are coated.

Put it in a big turkey roasting pan and bake at 400 covered for 30 mins (don’t overfill, it will get hot and bubbly)

Stir with wooden spoon only

Remove lid and cook another 2 hours or so stirring at least every 30 min

Put into hot sterile jars

Add a pinch of chopped mint to top jam

The most time consuming part of this recipe was the pitting. My daughter helped me separate the pits from the meaty plum pieces. I kept the skin of the plum on them. The plums were so juicy making them extremely hard to pit. I finally figured out my own system where I would just turn the plum and cut around the pit. I didn’t feel too bad about being wasteful as my plum scraps went into my composter to be used on my vegetable garden at a later time.


2014-06-07 14.28.48


2014-06-07 14.28.40

The recipe called for a turkey roaster so I improvised and used my cast iron dutch oven. Be very careful not to overfill. The mixture can and will bubble over filling your kitchen with smoke and making your oven a mess. Add the sugar, vanilla and rum. Stir well. Don’t forget to set your timer and use a wooden spoon.

2014-06-07 17.59.00

2014-06-07 17.59.29-1

I really love adding the mint once I added the jam to the sterile jars. It makes for a yummy touch later on. My jam set really quickly literally overnight, and the results are yummilicious! My family gives this recipe two thumbs up and just can’t get enough.

2014-06-09 09.05.36

Love canning? Click here to read about my orange marmalade recipe.


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