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Pilates & Chiropractic Update – Week 4

pilates-reformerYou can learn more about pilates and the different exercises I’m learning and researching about by following my “Fitness” board on Pinterest. 

I’m starting week four of my eight week program. I’m visiting the chiro three times a week visit to the chiropractor along with my twice weekly visits to the Norman Pilates Center. In just a short time, I’m noticing some changes I wanted to share.

If you remember, one of my 2015 intentions and goals was mindfulness which in the beginning I thought was going to be daily meditation and just listening to my inner self. My inner self told my at the beginning of January that my back needed my attention which is why I visited my chiropractor and then began private pilates classes to help improve my core strength.

I have two pinched nerves. One in my lower back and the other in my neck. Now in week 4 of my healing, the tenderness in my lower back is gone. It doesn’t hurt when I touch my lower back. This is a huge thing. In fact, I haven’t had the heating pad on my back which is an amazing and beautiful thing. I’m also changing the way I drive in the car. In general I have horrible posture. I’ve always slumped over a computer and do the same thing as I grip the steering wheel. In my first private pilates appointment, I had a couple realizations about posture, and I’ve been working hard to make some real change.

Right this moment as I sit on my couch, I’m no longer hunched over. My back is straight and my shoulders are back. This also forces my neck to stay in line with my spine. I’m taking this same approach when I drive. My neck now touches the back rest. I’ve pulled myself up closer to the steering wheel and I’m tightening my stomach as I sit.

I think all moms tell their kids to “sit up straight” but to be honest I never really understood exactly what that was supposed mean. Having the private pilates consultations has helped me understand how my hip, pelvis and shoulder alignment and positions are contributing not just to my poor posture but also the added pressure on my back. I finally understand what my body should feel like now when my mom told me to sit up straight.

Private pilates sessions are expensive, however, I’ve never really focused on building my core. They are kicking my ass, my core. I am dying but feeling stronger every day. I’ve always been a quads and hamstrings girl, but with the cesarean I had with Ryleigh along with my pinched nerves I want to really focus on building those muscles which is why I’m taking pilates so seriously. Honestly, I love it. The movements are small, precise and I am learning so much about my body. In just 4 classes, I can tell a difference in my core and the size of my waste. I’m giving myself a total of 13 private classes to really build a foundation. I think it will go a long way.

The addition of pilates has been a great opportunity for learning. I’m currently reading several books on the pilates philosophy to make the most of my healing. At present, I’m focusing my pilates on what is called the revolver machine which you see in the graphic at the beginning of this post. . It’s the size of a twin bed frame and uses a series of springs, pulleys and straps along with a sliding bench that reminds me of a part of the cage of a squat machine. You use isolated muscles to help you slide up and down the frame. One of my favorites is when I pull up my entire body with just my arms using my core muscles to stabilize me.

When it comes to activities, people and just things in life, I’m either all in or all out. This is the reason I have to fully immerse myself in pilates and the health of my back. It’s the only way I will stay excited and committed if I’m fully focused on pilates. In doing some more self-reflection I have realized this is how I approach most things in my life. I tackle them aggressively. I complete immerse myself into learning everything and anything about the subject and/or person, and once I have completed the task to my satisfaction or become bored, I move onto the next thing. Recognizing this about myself is huge and explains a lot about me. It’s also why I struggle sometimes when I become disengaged in a project and in past jobs when I was an employee. I need to be challenged, stretched and always trying new things.

You can learn more about pilates and the different exercises I’m learning and researching about by following my “Fitness” board on Pinterest. 


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