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Understanding Different Types of Juicers


After moving to California and experiencing all the wonders of fresh fruits and produce, our family wanted to try juicing. The two orange trees in the backyard were begging to be made into orange juice,  orange marmalade, candied oranges, and pretty much everything. We quickly realized like most kitchen electrics that all juicers were not equal. Most importantly, there are two main different types of juicers and it’s hard to decide which type is right for your family.

Different Types of Juicers: Masticating and Centrifugal

Electric juicers typically fall into two different categories: 1) Masticating and 2) Centrifugal. That’s nice you say, but what does masticating and centrifugal mean when it comes to different types of juicers?

Masticating juicers squeeze the veggies and fruit to extract the juice. The liquid or juice isn’t necessary always removed from the leftover pulp on its first try. There are times I put the pulp through the masticating juicer two or three times to extract as much juice for me and my family. With masticating juicers, you need to remove orange skins, core of the apple, stems and sometimes seeds. That can be time consuming.

Centrifugal juicers chew the veggies and fruit to extract the juice. The machines operate at a much higher speed. With centrifugal juicers, you don’t need to remove the skins, core, stems or seeds. The pulp is less juicy because the liquid is being chewed out of the fruit or veggies.

Benefits of Juicing

For our family, the benefits of juicing are clear. My family can sneak in healthy fruit and vegetables into our everyday meals especially our busy lives. At present, two friends are battling different types of cancer, and I feel better knowing that we are making efforts to eat more healthy. That peace of mind is another one of the benefits of juicing.

Having tried both masticating and centrifugal juicers, the centrifugal juicer is better for our family. It’s faster and removes the liquid out of the fruit or vegetables more quickly. While most reviewers say that you get more juice out of masticating juicers, I’m not completely sold. My pulp with my centrifugal juicer is less liquidy. There’s more juice being extracted. There’s less mess having to run the pulp multiple times. Plus, it saves me time which is precious when it comes to getting ready for school and work in the mornings.

Our current juicer of choice is pictured above which is a centrifugal juicer called a Breville. Look for review soon on the Breville and Bella Pros juicing models from me.


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