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Life Lessons

What If This is Heaven?

That’s exactly what a friend of mine believes. At the age of 24, she had a near death experience. She had a heart attack, and when she came back this is what she decided to believe. As she told me this story with friends over wine and an amazing dinner in San Francisco, I thought about what if she was right. What if this is heaven? How would it change my approach to living, dreaming and most importantly doing.

This woman who shared this wisdom with me is amazing. She takes a live big approach. Her goals are lofty, but she has achieved them. Her company went public. She has lived all over the world. Her career is eclectic but successful. She is driven but a gentle person with a good heart. She believes that because this is heaven she can do whatever she sets her mind to. It’s up her to dream and do. Nothing can stand in her way.

It’s been two years that amazing dinner conversation, and although my friend and I aren’t super close, I still carry her story with me. I think about it a lot. What if this is heaven? What if this is as good as it gets? More importantly, what if I’m holding myself back watching, waiting and wanting something that we might already be experiencing. What do I want out of life or the afterlife knowing that I can achieve all my dreams. What might those dreams be?

My ideal of heaven is that it’s a place separate from hell and purgatory, but imagine if it’s a place that’s one in the same. All three communities live or reside in a single place. We watch each other’s successes, struggles and challenges completely unaware. Each person experiences their own reality. We are working through our own sins, situations and challenges not fully realizing the bigger picture of life, death and rebirth. Heaven, hell and purgatory.

Personally, I think this is cruel. We deserve to know our fate. We spend such a large part of our lives contemplating the meaning of life and the afterlife. I think we deserve to know where we stand. Otherwise, we will just keep repeating our mistakes.




For the Book Life Lessons

Change That is Destined To Be Happening

This week I awoke from a dream where I literally had a baby. It was the most realistic dream of my life. My water broke and I was in labor laying in my bedroom. I immediately told Greg, my husband to hurry that the baby was coming. Greg rushed around the house and amid my screaming I told him it was too late. He began searching for blankets and towels while I experienced labor pains. It seemed like less than 5 minutes passed but the pain was real. The labor was fast. Next thing I know I had a baby. I looked him in the eyes and immediately began cleaning him and making sure he was breathing and healthy.

I immediately awoke with the pains of labor still real not only in my mind but in my body. I laid in my bed just absorbing the dream. I have never given birth in the traditional sense. Ryleigh came into this world a little over six years ago via emergency c-section.

According to the online dream dictionary, a birth represents giving birth to a new project, plan or new life dream. Birth represents personal growth and learning. It’s also possible that I am thinking about my baby. Since losing Baby M earlier this year, I have been on a extremely difficult journey. I’ve struggled personally but can say that I am better for it. While the healing is still happening, I am drawn to personal happiness, transformation and change.

In 2014, happiness was hard personally as well as professionally. I can feel my personal transformation everywhere I turn. There are many ups and downs as I manage the direction that I’m moving. This year I’ve lost so much but also gained too.

I’m thinking not just about personal happiness but how happiness intersects not with just life but also work. Without happiness, we are not productive, engaged, passionate or interested in work projects, plans, living or being. And these last few weeks I’ve been pondering how much my personal happiness impacts work happiness and how they intersect. Maybe this is the project I’m birthing. I’m mulling over workplace happiness and how it can transform your business, organization and/or team.

The journey in life is one that is not certain, but I believe I’m being guided down a path. While I’m not extremely religious, I am a spiritual being. Following my inner thoughts, dreams and instincts is what has gotten me to this life path. I’m not finished learning, growing and transforming. This dream is helping hold me accountable to my 2015 focuses of hugs, mindful meditation and quality. I am committed to change in 2015 that is destined to be happening.

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