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Life Lessons

Finding Balance


As we were driving to school I told Ry today that I am working on finding balance in my life. Mondays are especially crazy for me. I’m trying to understand if I should just lean in and push through it all or if there is something I’m missing that might help me strike a better balance in my life. I often wonder especially on Mondays when my stress levels are at their highest if there is in fact a better way.

She told me that there is a puzzle inside me and I need to work to fit all the pieces together and when I do, I will find peace. That finding new pieces to the puzzle can only be achieved by doing new things. She told me she’s sharing this with me because I’m honest, strong and I help people.


It’s a strange feeling when your 6 year old child tells you something that is wise beyond her years and causes you to pause enough to journal and think about what puzzle pieces you might be missing in order to find that balance to make your life all fit. So this morning while waiting for a Monday meeting at one of my favorite coffee shops, I’m doing some self reflection. I’m thinking about what she said and wondering how I can better fit the pieces to my life. I want to question my own personal choices less but push myself more. I want to be a better mom, wife and human being. I want to enjoy life and I want to continue to work, live and dream with a passion. I don’t want to be a robot just going through the motions. I also wonder a lot about how I’m being tested, what lessons I have to learn and what it all really means.

I told my daughter she was a wise girl and what she said gave me chills. This sage advice is coming from a 6 year old. It’s not secret that I love my kiddo, but time and time again she fills up my cup, inspires me and most importantly gives me pause in how I am living.


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