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Life Lessons

1,000 Words

Writing is now a business. It’s work and over the years I’ve struggled with how a passion could become a job for me. On one hand, I’m very thankful that something I love is now something I do full time. It’s different when that thing you love now becomes forced versus happening on a whim and what I think is considered naturally.

Scaling my writing, marketing, consulting and business becomes a challenge. What was easy to do for 2 blogs a week is now something I create for multiple clients. There are times when me and my team write 20+ content pieces a week.

And that’s how I’ve thought of my art over the last 5 years. Blog posts and ideas sometimes literally write themselves during dreams and in my mind. My book, Tweet This! Twitter for Business took less than 3 weeks to write. The words just came pouring out. Sometimes so quickly that I thought they were not mine.

Writing isn’t art if it isn’t spontaneous or organic. It’s a belief that I’ve held for these last five plus years. It’s a belief that is flawed. This belief has occasionally crippled my craft and caused me to self-suffocate.

Art does not have to be organic in a sense that it’s a free flow medium where karma or chance allows us to create. I realize that my perspective and therefore my belief needs to change. My art is now my business. And if I don’t adapt I will most certainly fail miserably.

It is a privilege to do what I love. It is a privilege to make a living. Instead of forcing my creativity to suit a client or a moment, I need to create structure in order to let those ideas flow more freely. I need to create process in order to be organic, flow and be in the right frame of mind and environment in which to create.

We need boundaries in order for our art to thrive. We need to make time to exercise our creative muscles and most importantly our mind. I go to the gym so why not make time to exercise my mind?

I’ve made a decision to train that creative muscle. I’m making time for art and my artistic interests. More importantly, I’m setting aside time and making a goal for myself to write at least 1,000 words a day.

One thousand words. Seven days a week written on the topic not driven by a client, SEO or an editorial calendar. I’ve blocked out 45 minutes on my calendar 7 days a week. Focused in that its scheduled and a priority but creative in that I dictate the topic based on my own intent and interests. It’s planned chaos that is focused on strengthening my writing muscles just for me.

It’s weird how self-imposed structure can foster your creative juices. How being confined can let you be artistic when it’s seen as something without restrictions or borders. This false belief of mine is like running a marathon without ever making the commitment, the decision or creating a schedule to train. Creativity happens out of restrictions. It happens because of boundaries. It happens when you are forced to re-evaluate your world, your environment and be flexible. It happens when you adapt and adjust. This is art. And this is me.



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