Ludivine Restaurant Brings Food to Table Hipster to #OKC

Having been back in the South since the beginning of this school year on a semi-permanent basis, I’ve been venturing out with my husband to try more local fare. While we rarely eat out these days mostly because we love to cook, we decided to give Ludivine a try during a recent date night in Oklahoma City. I made sure using OpenTable to make my reservations for earlier in the week. The main restaurant space is quite cozy with an open kitchen. We were seated right in front of the kitchen where we watched the chef’s work together cooking and plating.

We started off with an exciting twist on the Moscow Mule called the Midtown Mule. It gives a nice homage to the original mule with mezcal, cilantro, lime, ancho chilies and ginger beer. The chilies give it a nice little kick. This was a great way to start things off immediately.

As a starter off with some pate which was delicious as well. I especially loved the pickled onions and of course the pate. Greg and I opted for the Chef’s Tastings which consisted of 4 courses plus desert. I was excited to have someone make selections for us and challenge us a bit by presenting us food in different ways. Our first course was a carrot curry rabbit soup which was colorful as it was tasty. I absolutely love the gamey taste of rabbit. Eating this course made me not regret the fact that I went for the Chef’s Tasting and not the rabbit risotto. Presentation was beautiful on this one. I loved everything about it from the micro greens to the blue willow saucers. It was perfection. ¬†

The second course was a escargot and brown butter micro green salad. The butter just gave the escargot melt, and the only I was sad that I only had four on my plate.

I decided to mix things up upon the recommendation of our greeter who suggested I give the cocktail Bee Smash Kneecaps a try. I recommend you try it too. Almost like a lemon drop but with just the right amount of lavender, lemon, vanilla and vodka. For the third course, we received a blue fin cannoli with greens and tomato sauce. It was delicious but definitely not my favorite course of the night.

The fourth and final main course was a nice wagyu with a froiegras purse, fennel and beet greens. For me the wagyu was just a tad bit overcooked for my liking, but still good enough to clean the plate. I was extremely hesitant of the beet greens as beets are one of my least favorite childhood tortune devices vegetables growing up. Ludivine just might change this thinking.

Our desert was a blueberry shortcake with an amazing ice cream. We enjoyed it with a nice glass of Moscato di astri which I gave an Instagram #winerating of 9.0. I’ll be picking up this one for a home tasting shortly.

Greg and I were extremely impressed with our visit to Ludivine. Their fresh ingredients combined with their creativity and team of chef’s impressed us. In fact, we think it rivals most any San Francisco Bay area farm to table restaurant we have visited yet to date. Ludivine is located at 805 N. Hudson in Oklahoma City. I recommend using OpenTable to make an reservation. Ludivine has a four star Yelp rating which was surprising. The experience was 5 star with me. Read my Ludivine review on Yelp.

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