Homemade Chicken, Vegetable & Beef Stock Recipe


Whether it’s chicken, vegetable or beef stock, it’s a staple in my home and pantry. It’s also extremely expensive to purchase especially the low sodium organic variety. I find a lot of joy in making and creating things. This last year I’ve experimented with plum jam and orange marmalade. So it made complete sense that I would give a go at making stock from the items in my pantry.

Having received my new Breville Centrifugal Juicer, I had a lot of leftover carrots, celery and kale pulp that I didn’t want to go to waste. Normally, I toss them in my composter, but after purchasing yet another expensive container of chicken stock for our Christmas dinner, I wanted to try making my own stock and you can too. It is so satisfying, fun and easy.

But before I share the recipe, I recommend storing your extra stock in canning jars or plastic frozen containers. If you use canning jars, you will need to sanitize your canning jars and decide whether or not you are going to seal them or freeze them for future use and storage. For this batch of stock, I made the decision to freeze them. You can read more about the canning and sanitizing process by clicking here.


Homemade Chicken, Vegetable and/or Beef Stock Recipe


4 cups of vegetable and fruit pulp and scraps

Extra vegetables of your choosing

36 cups of water

2-3 bay leaves

assorted seasonings (sage, rosemary, salt, pepper, and garlic)

chicken, beef or pork bones (optional)

8 ~ 1 quart canning jars, large stock pot, strainer and ladle


In a large stockpot, add 4 cups of vegetable and fruit pulp and scraps from your juicer or chop and add vegetables of your own. This is a great way to utilize the veggie platter from your holiday party and meal. Add in 10 cups of water and an assortment of spices of your choosing. I used fresh rosemary from my planter garden and dried sage from my summer garden. I also added in salt, pepper, garlic powder and a few bay leaves along with some leftover frozen vegetables I had sitting around in my freezer. For this batch of stock, I added an assortment of peppers including mini bell peppers and jalapenos. You can add whatever favorite or leftover veggies you want. Onions and garlic are great options too. Then I added several pork bones I had from the hog we recently picked up from the butcher. You can add turkey, chicken or beef bones or make vegetarian stock. The choice is up to you.


Stir and set your stock pot to just below a boil. Cover with your lid to ensure your liquid doesn’t reduce too much. Let cook for 2-3 hours until the vegetable pulp is absorbed completely. While you are waiting for your stock to cook and absorb all the flavors, grab all the canning jars and lids you have handy. Because we seem to use stock in so much of our cooking, I recommend the 1 quart containers. In this batch, I set aside 8 one quart sized canning jars.


Using a strainer, ladle in the stock to remove the vegetable pulp and spices and add the broth into the jars. Leave a reasonable amount of empty space at the top of the jars especially if like me you are choosing to freeze your stock like me. This allows your frozen stock to expand without busting or breaking the jars. Allow your stock to sit 3-4 hours to cool before placing in the freezer. Otherwise, your glass cans will break.

Outside of the cost savings from making my own stock, I also have the peace of mind that our stock is not only low sodium but made in the most natural way. Once you open your stock, it can be stored in the refrigerator for use in rice, couscous and other culinary experiments you have cooking.


Broth Recipe Alternative: Soup


The homemade broth can also be made into a vegetable, beef, pork, turkey or chicken soup. Complete recipe as above. Cook your protein, shred and after straining your broth, add in new larger vegetable pieces and the shredded proteins like chicken, beef, turkey or pork. Add in rice too and even alphabet pasta. Cook for another 30-45 minutes before serving, canning or storing.

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