Why Do You Have Separate Blogs – Personal & Professional?

I’ve never been one to do blog coaching but the need is beginning to arise as friends and contacts are asking me how they can making a living doing what I am doing. At the moment, I’m contemplating developing a blog coaching business as there seems to be a need. My approach is very different from other bloggers in that very rarely do I do affiliate links and internet marketing spammy things.

Let me just clarify here. I am not a mommy blogger. I don’t make money writing about my kids, and at the current time I have no desire to. Maybe that will change, but what Ryleigh and my husband do isn’t really something I want to make money off of. Unlike Kim Kardashian, I don’t sell my soul to the highest bidder. I want to work with great products and people. I won’t sell my soul out for a free Kitchenaid blender or some makeup giveaway. I work with corporations and do consulting on strategy for social media, recruiting and HR. Another part of my business is the marketing side where I make money writing, speaking and providing great products access to our wonderful blogging community.

I don’t advertise this blog and only a family members and friends know it exists. I want to be able to just be me and not talk shop for a change. I’m a pretty transparent person. I absolutely blur the boundaries between personal and professional every single day. Someone asked me recently, “Why do you have separate blogs? Why aren’t you writing about everything at one place?”

Truth be told, I operate 4 blogs and 6 different websites. I write a lot, but mostly about work related things. On Blogging4Jobs, we have 28 writers and counting. There are many different voices who are sharing and writing great things. That site is designed and works at elevating my peers, friends and other professionals by giving them a platform in the HR and recruiting industry. It’s not my blog anymore, really. I needed a professional home just for me. That place is Workology.com and frankly, I wish I would write there more. I publish 7+ articles on other sites nearly every week. Writing is very time intensive and sometimes I like a break. This blog provides me that freedom to write about my life outside of work keeping the two separated as it’s hard to absorb so many things.

The majority of my HR and recruiting readers do not want to read about my marmalade canning adventures or my aspirations to become Martha Stewart’s new expert on outdoor living.

Sometimes I wish my Facebook was separated, but I don’t often separate my posts between my work friends and my personal ones. Most of my time spent on Facebook is via my mobile and frankly, Facebook’s ability to segment your messages on your mobile pretty much sucks.

Last year, I made the decision to create a new Twitter account and separate my personal life a little bit to help put the spotlight on Blogging4Jobs. I don’t want to take the credit for the awesome content that’s on there that’s not mine so I created my own personal account after some great advice. It’s @jmillermerrell. Here, I share my instagrams, this blog and other personal things. I also use it to identify myself when I am an author of a blog post on another site or one of my many online properties.

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