Fall Spectacular in Napa

Since taking my digital detox this summer (read about it here), I’ve made an effort to focus more on passions including photography. Last fall during one of our exploratory trips to Northern California, we visited Napa and I snapped some great photos there that over the summer I finally got to really take a look at.


I love wine but I’m not someone who is really adventurous with wine. I stick to mostly white sweet wines. California isn’t known for their Rieslings so I was outside of my comfort zone. The clouds were amazing that day in Napa and my creativity was flowing like all the wine were tasting.


Since we were flying home, we had to ship some of our wine home and Oklahoma is not wine shipment friendly. I opted to mail my wine to a friend in Dallas just 3 hours away in exchange for a nice bottle of red for her. Not a bad trade if I say so myself.

Ryleigh and Grandma who we call Gimmie came along for the trip, and luckily Gimmie snapped this nice family pic at one of the beautiful wineries. It was only a quick second or two that Ryleigh actually stayed in one place. She was just shy of 4 years old in this picture and is a busy body running from place to place.



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