A Whale of an Adventure in Santa Cruz

Having been in California for just a couple weeks, we made a trip to Santa Cruz and go on a whale and dolphin adventure. Nearly every vacation since Greg and I have been married that involves the ocean, we have went on a whale or dolphin watching trip including Mazatlan, Mexico; Honolulu, Hawaii; and San Diego, California.

The Monterrey Bay is an amazing place to see whales and dolphins, really any kind of ocean wildlife. The ocean floor is very deep and it attracts all kinds of beautiful ocean creatures as we saw for ourselves.


The whales were out in full force for our trip, and our tour guide told us that we were very lucky. It’s not often they see a tail flap from a whale during a boat road. We had multiple tail flaps and saw lots of blows from feisty whale’s blow holes.



Ryleigh is a bit of a busy body and keeping her entertained and occupied on the boat was a challenge since whales, dolphins, sea lions and jelly fish weren’t there to entertain non stop. She’s an animal lover and I know that she enjoyed the trip.



Watching Ryleigh during this outing was fun as she made fast friends with another little girl who was four years older than her. She is a natural leader and I credit that to the fact that she is an only child. Our parenting style has always been to include her in any and all life decisions which can be difficult but our goal is to raise a smart, confident and self-assured woman. We are well on our way and acquiring quite a few gray hairs along the way.


We saw so many dolphins too. Here are two who also have babies which are just below the surface. The trip was amazing, and being so light skinned as I am, I was worn out and sunburned by the end of our four hour trip, but it nothing that a little aloe plant, water and a oatmeal bath couldn’t fix. It was a memory I know we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

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