Why I Love My Daughter’s Mountain View Preschool


Having just been in Mountain View, CA for a little more than 4 months, I feel like we are finally settling in. Finding a house to rent for our family in Silicon Valley, moving 2,000 miles and putting our Oklahoma house on the market was only the beginning. Moving pretty much sucks. It’s extremely stressful, aggravating and overwhelming no matter how much help you have or are OCD on planning. Maybe you just like dealing with stress, drama and driving 3 days in 120 degree desert heat. I can tell you’ve I’ve been there. It’s NOT fun.

How to Balance Working from Home  & Being a Mom While Moving

Me, I’m the laid back type but I do like my organization and structure. I really just like knowing where things are in my home. While still in mid unpacking, I broke down crying after spending 30 minutes searching for my favorite black blazer and black heels to attend a client meeting in the city. However, there is one thing I wished we would have spent more time planning and researching for prior to our arrival, which was my daughter’s new preschool. Since I work from home and hubby was doing a great of traveling, I rely on my daughter’s school to provide her with learning, development and interaction with other children since she’s an only child. Also extremely important is that school is essential to provide me a few hours of quiet and uninterrupted time to get work done especially conference calls, webinars and a lot of writing.

I pretty much went out of my mind the first two weeks after moving here. I was balancing work, unpacking and taking care of Ryleigh full time. I forgot how much I relied on her school time to give us both a break and much needed sanity. I have, however, mastered the fine art of juggling a 900+ registration webinar on hiring for happiness while getting ready my daughter for school. Essentially, I hosted, spoken and managed the entire webinar while Ryleigh was in the next room where I could hear here playing and bathing. Don’t worry I checked on her every few minutes when the other presenter was talking.

Why I Love Little Acorn Preschool

I want to introduce you to a great preschool in our neighborhood of Mountain View, CA called Little Acorn Preschool. This school has been essential to maintaining my  own, my daughters and my husband’s sanity. Click here to read the Yelp review or see my review below.


Having just moved to Mountain View from Oklahoma, Little Acorn in September 2013, the school has been great at helping my 4 year old in transitioning. The school is a great community and the teachers provided love and support as well as the new administration.

The school administration allowed us to visit the school on numerous occasions and meet with teachers while we researched and learned about other pre-schools in the area before deciding to enroll our daughter there. I’m glad we did.

Their curriculum is play based and they have provided much needed structure for my daughter. She loves all the teachers and comes home singing a new song every single day. One of the things I enjoy are the extra activities you can select including dance, Spanish and gymnastics. We walk to school or ride our bikes. Because they are a Christian school that is attached to a church they also offer a number of different community and family events. My favorites are the fall magic show, Christmas program and the trunk or treating event held in the parking lot.


We spent two weeks looking at schools. Ryleigh and I scheduled visits to 8 different schools, revisted 3 and made the decision to go with Little Acorn Preschool for a number of reasons including location, their flexibility and the sense of community. I wasn’t disappointed. They have welcomed our crazy family and my crazy work form home wardrobe of sweat shirts, yoga pants, hats and all. They have been extremely flexible with us. I highly recommend them as an option for new families relocating to the area and established families.

For the record people who think that moving is easy haven’t ever done it or they have selective short term memory. This is a personal reminder for myself when I get a wild hair to pick up and move my family across the country. Hire a full service moving company…

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