When Faced with Difficult Choices **Update**

**UPDATE** I’ve made the decision to rent an apartment in Silicon Valley and travel between the midwest and California for the short term while we reassess things. See more details at the bottom of this post…

Some of you have been following my plea and request to renew our lease for another year at our California rental house. Today is June 30th and I have yet to hear from the homeowner for over 8 weeks. We are working directly with a property management company who was hired by the property owner to serve as the middleman and point of contact for our California house. The owner of the property management company has even told me that the homeowner has yet to get back with him. This was nearly 3 weeks ago.

More than 2 weeks ago, our pool cleaner quit working and our pool service person was able to get in touch with the homeowner so I know that she is alive and responding to conversations regarding this house, just not our request. That is so frustrating.

Today, upon arriving home from our work vacation to Kansas and Florida and back again, I learned our pool cleaner has not yet been repaired and there has been not a peep from the homeowner. *Sigh.*

Hubby and I have made the hard decision that we are moving back to Oklahoma and leaving the land of California, a place that we absolutely love. The last 12 months have been an adventure filled with wonder, stress and a lot of heartbreak. My property management company is aware that tomorrow on July 1st, 2014, I will be submitting my formal 30 day notice to leave the property. We are still under the lease contract until August 31, 2014, but I’m hoping the owner might actually be willing to accommodate with school starting August 15th-ish.

I’ve come to a few realizations after moving 2,000 miles and halfway across the country to follow my dream.

  • We really want to have another baby.
  • I can work anywhere and at current there has yet to be any meaningful ROI to the amount of rent we are paying.
  • The benefit to living in the Valley could take years for me to realize. In order to accelerate that, I’m not willing to sell my soul or give up all my evenings and weekends away from family.
  • Family is important to us especially Ryleigh.
  • I enjoy not paying $125 for a date night for a babysitter. That is the going rate in the Bay.
  • We can pay off our Oklahoma house in 2 years with the amount of money we are spending in rent at the California house.
  • I’m a control freak. I like to have peace of mind on things like housing prices and school districts for my children and family.
  • I also don’t do well with unplanned personal change.
  • After living on both coasts I feel most comfortable in the South and Midwest. I just need a mildly liberal place to hang my hat and tuck my kid into bed.

These are a few of our realizations these last eight weeks. While I’m not certain what the future has in store for me, I want to make sure that our priority is first and always my family. We have a long term goal and place in the midwest to relocate ┬áin mind to when the time is right. Hubby wants to buy some land, build a house and customize a home in a midpoint between technology, family and the midwest. If you know me, I’m pretty sure you can guess where we are looking for property.

**UPDATE** After some thoughtful discussion, I am renting an apartment in Silicon Valley which will be my home away home as needed, but my daughter and husband will be keeping Oklahoma their current home base. We’ve enrolled Ryleigh in a very nice school in Oklahoma City and will reassess our current situation in the next 6 months. Thank you for your kind words, caring and support as we continue on this crazy family journey.

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