In 2015, I’m focused on goals that don’t involve work. Work as in my job and how I make a living so that I can have and enjoy moments with my friends and family. I’m committing to the following.

More Hugs.

My friend, Arie Moyal is currently traveling around North America giving out hugs, and I think he’s got a brilliant idea. His efforts are called Hug Train, and I’m with Arie in I think we need to show our affection and appreciation for those we people we love. My family hasn’t always been a hugging one, but that really changed when my mom coded and nearly lost her life. Now hugging is different for me.

Mindful Meditation.

I’m a fan of yoga and have practiced for 10 years. I credit my practice to finding myself in a very dark time in my life. Unfortunately, with kids and working for myself, I haven’t been so great at yoga let alone meditation on a regular basis. In 2015, I’m making a commitment not just to yoga but mindful meditation focusing on the good in my life and disconnecting from technology. I’m committing to meditation at a minimum 15 minutes 5 times a week.

Quality Not Quantity.

Quality conversations. Quality relationships and making the most of my time by focusing on the best of me. In 2014, I was about optimizing and making the hard decision to relinquish control of things in my life that I just couldn’t keep up with. I finally admitted that Tim Ferris was right. We have to make decisions to optimize our time personally, in business and in life. Over the holiday season I’m re-reading the 4 Hour Workweek. A lot of what Tim says pisses me off but maybe that’s because he is right. I can’t scale me. I have to make the most of my time because it is not infinite. Not in this world anyways.

It was extremely hard to say no this year but there are more important things than things. I want to live the best life possible focusing on the quality time and experiences I have saying no to things that aren’t best for me or my family. More is not always better. Hence, quality.

Writing this shit makes it real, but the hard part is not making the decision on what my 2015 goals are. It’s the daily commitment to living, breathing and doing these three things.

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