How to Transfer a Timeshare Deed to a Family Member with Wyndham


In the late 1990’s to 2000’s my husband’s family owned a travel agency. They traveled all over the world to different resorts and places and over the course of many years became owners of Wyndham. Our family has benefited greatly to their Wyndham timeshare ownership. We’ve travel to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Mexico and more taking advantage of their time share ownership and points. When my father-in-law passed away suddenly in 2009, it impacted my mother-in-law greatly and even now over 10 years later she has not fully recovered. She has never quite moved on and because of that, we took over her Wyndham account because of our love for travel.

Because we are not owners, it has caused a lot of heartburn for us. After a timeshare breakfast in Mexico, we were yelled at and kicked out after a zealous salesman didn’t get the sale he thought he deserved. Why would I pay for a new timeshare ownership when we could just take over the one my in-laws had with Wyndham? And that’s exactly what we set out do.


Timeshare Deed Transfer with Wyndham called Ovations or Tribute


I’m sharing our experience because the process to do this has incredibly challenging and Wyndham has not be very forthcoming or willing to help us until we stumbled onto something called the Tribute Program

This program is often referred to as Ovations but it is also called Tribute. Basically, you can transfer ownership to an immediate family member of your timeshare.

My family has multiple timeshares they own in different states which is one of the reasons our situation was so complex. We’ve had multiple calls with Wyndham to no avail and even after several visits to locations were not able to transfer ownership to ourselves completely.


Why a Timeshare Deed Transfer Works for Us 


Going with their Tribute was important because of the following reasons:


We didn’t want to loose our number of points or status as VIP.

Often times when you transfer ownership it is considered a sale and your status and/or number of points are impacted. We didn’t want this to happen. My family has had a timeshare forever and their perks and benefits were really awesome. Transferring through Tribute allowed us to keep the benefits and maintenance fees the same.

Our mother didn’t want to be involved.

It was simpler to allow her peace of mind knowing that this was no longer her responsibility. The stress of the timeshare has been a huge distraction and energy suck for her.

Being an owner makes it easier to book your trip.

No more being listed as a guest. As an owner, you have more clout and access whether you are the one who is booking or are traveling to the destination. I’m also tired of being bullied into going to timeshare meetings like the one in Mexico.

The transfer process is much easier.

As I mentioned, because our timeshare ownership was in multiple states transferring the deed was a nightmare involving travel to multiple states and working with attorneys. While I don’t plan on selling anytime soon, I didn’t want to have to do this unnecessarily. Also, our mother would need to be present too, and she lives in a different state than we do.


Some Tips on How to Use Tribute (or Ovations) with Wyndham


  • Familiarize yourself with all the information. This was critical to getting the ball moving quickly. My impression is that this program is hidden and not one they like to recommendation for the above reasons. Visit their website and be very firm in your request. Make sure the family member is firm in their request too.
  • Call them and put in a request. Best to three way your parent or family member into the call to ensure you get all the information and understand next steps and documentation required.
  • Ask them to send information via email. We had to make a special request to do this since we are living in another state as our family member who is the owner. This made it easier to follow up on documentation and have electronic copies of communication. We could quickly check in and mysteriously, they could not read our scanned in documents so we sent them via U.S. Mail.
  • Organize your documentation. Having a folder and online documentation was helpful, however, the Tribute program was not friendly when it came to electronic information. Because we had to show proof of my father in law’s death, we had to provide copies of death certificates and other paperwork sent via the U.S. Postal Service. Make sure you have all this informaiton in a single place especially if you are living in a different location then the family member who is an owner.
  • Establish follow up. Lots of phone calls and emails to follow up with them was essential. The process is not designed to be easy. I believe this is part of their weeding out process.

Overall, the entire process took six months and after a lot of back and forth two letters in the mail. One was a standard letter letting us know the transfer process was complete, and a second letter was asking us to provide payment information. Little did they know we’ve been making payments on the maintenance going on for 10 years.

I’m sharing information on the Tribute Ovations program with Wyndham in the hope it helps someone else. If I had not found a thread in an obscure timeshare forum, we would still be looking Wyndham for answers. I hope I can make your transfer experience better.

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