No Cost Outdoor Decorating

My friend jokingly called me the Martha Stewart of California. These days I seem to be really into gardening, decorating and experimenting with new foods. We recently tried quinoa and chia seeds adding them to our smoothies and salads we are making. Until recently I had no idea you could grill avocado. Yummy!

I’m on a budget. It is so expensive to live here, but we are enjoying it. I’m focusing my efforts on the outside of our home. Ryleigh is doing private swimming lessons at our home twice a week which is so much fun. It’s a controlled environment. I don’t have to drive 30 minutes to and from and I can get some work done while she’s playing.

Our outdoor space is amazing. I’ve added vegetable plants to two of our plant beds and redid several of our side beds so far too. We recently set up an outdoor eating area complete with an umbrella for dinners and entertaining. I’ll share more about at a later time. Outdoor furniture is expensive, easily several thousands dollars for 2 chairs and a side table. So I set out garage saling. It’s my low cost way to spend a Saturday. It also helps me learn the streets and the area. We’ve found some amazing deals scouring the city.

Mountain View recently had their city wide garage sale which I loved. We scored a second roomba vacuum cleaner, a new planter stand for my succulents outside and a floatable pirate ship for Ryleigh. The pirate ship cost her $2 which is her garage sale money she gets when we go shopping.

But the after garage sale is my favorite, and Mountain View did not disappoint. We snagged some super ugly white and dirty outdoor chairs from the 70’s for free. They were setting on the curb just a block from my house so I loaded up two in my car. We headed to Lowes to pick up a few cans of spray paint and magic erasers to help me in my chair cleaning. I choose a bright red to make a statement and because my outdoor colors are red, navy blue and turquoise. The red chairs match our patio umbrella nicely!

The before and after pictures are below. You will die at how amazing they turned out for literally $10 bucks of spray paint.

2014-05-05 07.46.34

I used water, Meyers clean dry soap and magic erasers to clean the chairs. Not all of the ugly dirt stains came off but because I cleaned them the paint was able to adhere nicely to both the rubber backs and the aluminum. We opted to not buy new pillows for the chairs. They are expensive and personally, I love the red too much to hide. I added some nice blue pillows I’ve had from Target. These are actually for indoor use but I sprayed them with several coats of Scotch Guard and after 3 months, they are still holding up nicely.

I loved how  the two chairs I picked up turned out with the spray paint, I went back and got the other two remaining chairs. These are those lightweight stackable aluminum chairs. They are easy to move. We have them facing two different areas of our pool for lounging, drying off and just chatting.

Also to note the black round side table you see here was from an estate sale I picked up for $10. I painted the bottom a turquoise and I thought it turned out great. It’s so wonderful to set down your drinks to jump into the pool on a hot day. In the back of the picture, you can also see one of our raised vegetable beds. Our onions were just about to bloom. So beautiful and tasty!

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