My Master Bedroom Remodel

Having moved in and now gotten settled into our new place, I thought it was time for a change. I wanted a different master bedroom. I had purchased a couple new pieces of small furniture including two chairs and a nightstand since our old furniture doesn’t fit quite the same way.

All the purchased furniture for the room (2 french chairs, night stand and the side table between the chairs) came from my favorite consignment shop here called Home Consignment Center. They have locations all over the Bay, and I love that they will negotiate on the prices of some pieces that have been sitting on the floor for more than a couple weeks. The Campbell location seems to be my favorite as they are much more likely to adjust the price on nearly everything. Makes me feel much better about spray painting something that I spent less money on. I also love a deal. proved to be an awesome resource for me where I was able to snag a new duvet cover and a white bedspread along with pillows that match to finish off the creation. I purchased a king sheet set from Target along with an extra set of white pillow cases. Bleach is my friend with these. I’m quite happy about it as it was relatively low budget for everything.

I repainted the side table just in front of the bed in a gold paint from Martha Stewart. I use the same color to paint the starburst mirror which I got for a steal at a local consignment shop here. Similar mirrors and side tables run for several hundred dollars each so I decided to repaint mine and I can do so again when I get bored without feeling guilty.

We did not repaint the walls or do anything to them. This house has been freshly painted. I don’t want to have to repaint before I leave. They are a neutral yellow color. It’s not too sunny but just cozy.


In the months that have followed I’ve changed out my lamps shades to a red to go with the red pillows and added my rug downstairs to the upstairs. There seems to be quite a lot of noise for visitors who are staying in the guest room below and I want to make it as soundproof as possible for guests staying.

Pinterest serves as quite the inspiration for me. You can click on my Master Bedroom bedroom board to see what I mean. I’m slightly obsessed since moving into our new home. For seven years I lived in the same place so I had the furniture and flow all figured out. Here it is much more challenging as we are dealing with an older home, quirks and much smaller closets that require me to be organized. I’ve had to purge a lot and reprioritize.

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