5 Secret Benefits of Juicing


Not too long ago, I wrote about the different types of juicers. Our family uses our electric juicer 2-3 times a week. In fact, I’ve created my own pinterest board of my favorite juicing and smoothie recipes. (Click here to access) The benefits of juicing are clear for our family.


Benefit #1 – Juicing Saves Time


Because juicers are large contraptions that take time to assemble, I like to juice on the weekends and prepare for the week. I use canning jars to house my juice and like to freeze them and store them in my deep freeze. One of the benefits of juicing is just that it saves time. Our family travels for work a lot and we are both self-employed entrepreneurs, there really is not enough hours in the day. If I can squeeze in an extra 15 minutes to spend time with our family or an important work call, then I will.


Benefit #2 – Juicing Travels Well


I’ve been known to juice and travel especially if I’m hopping on the train to the city or in the car driving to my destination. This helps me to make better food choices and avoid fatten fast foods that are just downright bad for me. In 2013, I went an entire year without eating fast food. One way I avoided the temptation was by juicing.


Benefit #3 – Extend the Life of Your Produce


When I go to the grocery store, I always have good intentions and I tend to over buy produce because I like to think I will have the time and desire to eat all those yummy foods I’m purchasing. Even the best of intentions often result in leftover produce that would otherwise go to waste. And while I would send them to my compost pile, it’s really a waste of money. Juicing extends the life of your produce. A couple weeks ago I had some pears that we purchased and I had intended to make for dessert. Fast forward to today and they were really ripe so I threw them in the juicer with my green veggies to sweeten the kale and celery and without a lot of effort, I have extended the life of my pears and produce.


Benefit #4 – Juicing Fights Cancer and Disease


In 2006, we lost my father in law to cancer that he battled for the third time. Juicing helps to ensure that I am eating and drinking healthy foods that naturally fight cancer, sickness and other health challenges me and my family might face. It’s easy to see why juicing is a more healthy option. Having watched my father in law fight but ultimately suffer, our family eats organic as often as possible. Fruits and veggies are an important part of our cancer and disease fighting strategy.


Benefit #5 – Juicing is a Family Activity


My daughter is an opinionated and independent one. She likes to be involved in EVERYTHING. I wouldn’t have it any other way which is why juicing at our house is a family activity. Ryleigh likes to add in the fruits and veggies for our morning orange juice just as much as she likes to hit the “on” button on our blender for our morning smoothies. Cooking is an important family activity. Juicing is too and makes for a great time to discuss eating healthy especially since eating healthy is something I have personally struggled with my entire life. I want my daughter to make better life choices than me.


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