Cloud Porn Sightings at Pebble Beach

Some of my best friends and relationships have come as a result of Twitter. My friend Marylene is no exception. We met online. She tweeted me. I tweeted her back and I was the first person she met in human resources at a conference in 2012. She had just became the CEO of an HR Technology company called Talent Circles and was new to the complex yet exciting world of human resources technology. We became fast friends. I enjoy listening to her amazing French accent and her stories. She is a treasure for me and my family.

Marylene has a wonderful home in Pebble Beach, and she was nice enough to invite us to visit and beach side home. She took us on a tour of the area and I was able to snap some amazing photos. It is heavenly!



The area is so beautiful. This photo was shot steps from Marylene’s house. The cloud porn is like no other place I’ve been in my life. Marylene’s yard is also full handfuls of hummingbirds zipping to and fro to the beautiful flower bushes that adorn her front yard.


I’m a sucker for succulent plants having a large three tier succulent planter on the patio of my Oklahoma home. Succulent fields were prevalent among Pebble Beach. Their color was amazing. These fields not only were ocean side but adorned the sides of many of the roads that meandered along the beach.


Sea lions sunned upon many of the rocks at Pebble Beach. There was a beautiful lookout where Ryleigh, Greg and Gimmie got a closer look at these creatures honking and taking a rest from the cold Northern California ocean waters.


Here’s a view of what Ryleigh, Greg and Gimmie were seeing. Literally hundreds of these animals sat beached along the island rocks of Pebble Beach.

During our stay, Greg had the opportunity to golf at Pebble Beach. Using rented clubs and golfing with a group he didn’t know, he had a round of golf of his life shooting a 79. Marylene had taken us on a walk of the golf course the day before so he was able to survey the area and we were able to enjoy great conversation and breath taking views.

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