My name is Jessica Merrell. My friends call me Jess. I’m a mother, daughter, wife and business owner. I’m a storyteller who specializes in the HR and workplace industry. I own a performance coaching and leadership company working in the HR industry.

On this blog I write about my life, family & childhood. I love to cook and make a mean biscuits and gravy. I love yoga, cooking, traveling, writing, and laughing. This is my personal blog and my story where I won’t be talking about work. Here you will get to see a side of me that might surprise you especially those things I do when I step away from my HR and recruiting blog. I absolutely love cigars and Pinot Noir is my favorite wine at the moment.

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I grew up in a small town in northern Kansas.  I’m the oldest of three girls. My parents are and were hippies. We didn’t have much money and used the resources we had in amazing ways. The 70’s and 80’s we just simpler times  I think. This simplicity fueled my curiosity in technology mostly because tech was in most cases completely foreign to me. I didn’t have my own personal computer in my household until 1994. One of my first adult purchases in college was buying my own computer after spending many hours in the computer lab fascinated by the wonders of the internet.

I’ve been married to Greg since 2006. We met in a Yahoo chat room on the internet in 2005. We were blessed with Ryleigh in December 2008. We moved to Silicon Valley from Oklahoma and back again and now in Texas. Hubby works in Washington, DC. Below is a picture of anadventure at an elephant refuge in California.


Our family has the travel bug. We are always on the move. Life is one big adventure. Below is one of my favorite family photos from 2012. Ryleigh is 3.


I absolutely love writing. It’s my passion and even in my downtime I’m spending time writing and creating. This blog serves as a more personal sounding board where I can hone my skills, organize my favorite recipes, be honest and discuss things beyond HR and the workplace that interest me.

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If you are wanting to get in touch with me you can email me at jessica(at)workology.com or by phone at (405) 293-2564. This blog is my life in paragraphs. Thanks for stopping by and getting to know the me.


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